Nexus G: That’s the name LG wanted for the Nexus 5


Nexus 5

Know of the new Moto G? No one is sure what the G therein stands for but maybe it is for Google, no? Never mind, LG too wanted a G of its own. News coming from Korea indicate that LG wanted some preferential treatment from Google in the naming of the next Nexus that we now know as the Nexus 5. LG wanted a Nexus G!

Nexus G makes some sense since it could’ve either meant Google or in LG’s case it would have served as a continuation of its beloved “G” naming convention (Optimus G, G2…). As expected though, Google scrapped the idea and stuck with its solo Nexus branding so we now have the Nexus 5. Google does not care to call it the LG Nexus 5 as we bloggers do so in the process of making a Nexus device, the maker’s branding is lost in between as Google takes full charge of not only how the device will look like, what it will pack (software/hardware) and the like but also how it will be referred to. In any extreme cases then it is the Google Nexus X nothing more. The exception to the rule here is Samsung which had the Nexus S and the Galaxy Nexus named after its core smartphone branding, the Galaxy line and the “S” as a continuation of its premier Galaxy S line. LG ate its humble pie and moved on.




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