Samsung Music announced in Korea


Samsung has been keen on creating its own identity in mobile despite the fact that its best selling devices run on a platform owned and managed by Google. We all know the Tizen story so well and Samsung is not stopping there. The company made this clear during the Samsung Developer Conference and as each day passes, it marches further to prove its point. Enter Samsung Music, a new Music service from Samsung that is now available in Korea starting four days ago.

Samsung Music will allow users of the service to either stream or download UHQ (Ultra High Quality) sound files from various sources that Samsung is partnering with.

Samsung Music

Samsung has entered into contracts with global music distributors to offer a wide variety of tunes on the service which will be available as an application to the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy S4 at first. There is no word on whether Samsung Music will be available to other existing Samsung devices but while those might get the application, it is almost a given that upcoming Samsung devices will ship with the app pre-installed and the service ready to be activated once the customer boots the device for first time set-up.

The launch of Samsung Music provides a few answers to the questions many have been asking themselves recently. What are Samsung’s intentions? It is building its own eco-system. We just saw ChatON go the Hangouts way in supporting SMS and MMS and now Samsung Music follows Google’s own Play Music into the music fold. On the other hand Samsung continues to aggressively push its own Apps Store, Samsung Apps, through various incentives to app developers and landing exclusives like the recent BBM rollout in Africa. Lets see how this plays out.



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