A file manager may finally be coming to Windows Phone


One of the most annoying things when using a Windows Phone device is the inability to organize all your files according to your tastes and not Microsoft’s or some app developer’s. On other “open” platforms like Android, such a thing is a breeze. On iOS, well, let’s not talk about it. Why are we so keen on Windows Phone? Because Windows Explorer is one of the most familiar things on a Windows PC to almost everyone on earth who has ever used a computer. The ability to manipulate files whenever and wherever is something we have come to expect of any operating system. As far as mobile platforms go, this gets a little complicated since allowing system-wide access not only opens up mobile devices for security exploits but also means things like DRM protection may be compromised and trust me, those two issues are huge. Apparently one of the most requested features in Windows Phone official support forums is the file manager and according to recent happenings there, it may be on the way.

File Manager for Windows Phone

Though it is unclear at this point as to how that update to current devices will come to bring the much needed file manager app, the best news about Windows Phone in a long time is just the rumour that it may be on the way. With over 77,000 votes as at the time of writing this article, the request for a file manager on Windows Phone has had its status changed to “COMPLETED” in the last couple of hours causing a lot of anxiety. When will we see it? If indeed the Windows Phone team at Microsoft is done testing a file manager solution for Windows Phone then it can either drop in the Windows Phone store as a downloadable application or be bundled with a future OS update (the much-rumoured Windows 8.1. 2015 anyone?). According to some insiders, an update to the current SkyDrive app may be what will bring a file manager to Windows Phone. Whichever way, bring it and bring it soon!


Uh, that must’ve been someone’s error. Apparently the “guru” guy who updated that thread in the forum did so mistakenly not because a file manager is already on the way. Either way, intent declared, let’s wait for full execution. More here



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