Black HTC One Max released in Hong Kong, Red to follow in Taiwan soon


Remember that device that hastily followed in the footsteps of the iPhone 5s with its own oddly placed fingerprint scanner? It is getting a swanky new colour: black. The black HTC One Max has already hit Hong Kong and it is showing up on HTC’s Hong Kong site.

Black HTC One Max

The One Max is HTC’s first attempt at testing the phablet market, following in the footsteps of Samsung, Huawei and others who have all embraced large display devices. Packing a Snapdragon 600 SoC and a 5.9 inch Super LCD3 HD display, the One Max is not a bad device, it is good in its own right but as I and many others have pointed out already, it is its lack of standout features (please, that fingerprint scanner doesn’t cut it) that hurts when it is in the same market as other phablets full of add-on features that users actually appreciate (Galaxy Note 3). HTC released a Google Play edition of the One and since Sony just announced a Google Play edition of its phablet (Xperia Z Ultra), I am tempted to ask if HTC  will also travel that road and release a Google Play edition of the One Max. Not that the GPe HTC One did anything to boost sales and aid that sinking ship but that it could help the device at least find favour with many. It is simply a blow up HTC One with no stylus so a GPe shouldn’t be that hard to produce.

It does not come as a surprise that HTC would add more colour options to the One Max. With a red One Max expected to be released in Taiwan in coming days, it makes a lot of sense. HTC has previously released more colour options for its devices like the One and the One Mini. The One’s recent colour option is gold. HTc already has a 24-carat gold One but what I’m talking about is a HTC One with a gold paint job, just like the iPhone 5s.

Spot the red One Max
Spot the red One Max

The black HTC One Max retains all the specs of the One Max and save for the new colour, nothing is changed.