EMCO MSI Package Builder Review: Convert EXE to MSI

EMCO MSI Package Builder Enterprise

Installation applications on remote PCs were quite difficult few days back when the remote installer tools like EMCO MSI package builder weren’t available. IT administrators or professionals in a large organization have to physically visit the client computer to install/modify/update applications. As the numbers of computers were huge, say hundred or even thousand at present, it becomes almost impossible for professionals to follow the traditional way of installing applications on client computer.

As the computer were interconnected over LAN, some remote application deployment tools can let you install almost any applications over connected computers. The best thing is, end users don’t even need to perform a single task at their end. Such tools automate the whole process from creating Windows Installer (.msi) files for deploying applications effortlessly while assuring the consistent system performances and intact file system and registry settings. Such tools use to convert traditional setup (.exe) files to .msi packages and later then, perform silent installations on remote PCs.

EMCO MSI Package Builder: Overview

This tool is one the most powerful and popular programs, mainly used in remotely install applications over networked PCs as well as, modify installation settings, customize applications, install software updates etc. Live monitoring technology is equipped with these applications to make your overall application deployment process easier than over. Intuitive GUI and wizard based MSI package creation method lets you feel like pros or any experts in this field.

Creating MSI packages for silent application installations is even easier than you thought. Just download this application from its official website here: EMCO MSI Package Builder product page

EMCO MSI Package Builder Enterprise

Install this application as you do with any other Windows programs. Once the application has been installed successfully on your PC with using administrator credentials, you can start this application right from your desktop or all programs menu. A pop up wizard will open and asks you to follow some basic steps like selecting source of traditional setup file (.exe), choose your customization option as per target machine support, package creation type and few other basic settings. That’s it, after following all the steps successfully and finally clicking on ‘Finish’ button, deployment procedure will be initiated automatically and application will be installed on target PC over network.

For more helpful tutorials and complete guide, you can look over here: EXE to MSI repackaging features explanation

The Verdict: Recommended Utility for Enterprise

We haven’t found any utility under same category that could delivers the result as EMCO MSI package builder or even close to. No matter how latest Windows OS you were using, this will perform flawlessly on the latest Windows system and allows same functionality for administrators.

You can now have 30 days free trial period offer on this product to explore all the functionality and features on your workstation before paying money. Once satisfied with the overall result and finally decided to have a premium copy, just choose a plan as per your requirement and start deploying applications smoothly on any PC even without letting them known about the whole operation.