JOdin3 is a new tool for flashing Samsung ROMs online


jodin3If you have at one point owned a Samsung Android device or currently own one and have been involved in some things like rooting and flashing custom ROMs then you must have reached a point where you simply need to go back to stock Samsung firmware. In many cases, a new firmware update is released and your region will take ages to get it, where do you turn to? ODIN. Now it gets better. Enter JOdin3.

Built around Odin3, Samsung’s latest version of Odin and using a Java implementation, JOdin3 comes in to bring the same awesomeness you get when using Heimdall on Linux or your usual Odin on Windows. Unlike Odin which was limited to just Windows PCs and required drivers to be installed, JOdin3 works not only on Windows and Linux but also on Mac and Raspberry Pie. All you need is to make sure Java is installed on your machine and you are good to go. I won’t go into much technical details but for those in the know, JOdin3 requires a PIT file (critical) while in the case of good old Odin that is only a requirement if you want to repartition and is usually not recommended. Good thing is since you’re online, JOdin3 will simply look it up and load it for you if need be.

I’ll be giving JOdin3 a test run soon and will report back on any issues encountered but in the event you have some time on your hands and a Samsung Android device that needs firmware flashed, do give it a try. You can download it from here or simply run it directly from your web browser here. Make sure to permit Java run-time to run from your browser else the web page won’t load.