Gmail update includes new feature that allows Google+ users to send each other mails


If you thought that the recent controversial change to Google+ comments on YouTube was the end of Google trying to shove its social networking service then you are in for a rude shock. That trend won’t be ending soon. From powering comments on Google’s Blogger to YouTube last year and now any Google+ user who has added you to one of their Google+ circles will be able to send you an email.

google plus integtration comes to gmail 2

How? When you’re in the compose window, in the “To” box, once you begin typing a contact name to send mail to, Gmail’s auto-complete feature will simply start suggesting people already in your contact list as well those you have added to your Google+ circles. This should be disturbing to many as it in some way amounts to intrusion of your privacy. Twitter recently had to back down from a change that allowed any user to send DMs to accounts that they follow even if those particular user accounts do not follow back. There is a an option in the settings however, to control who mails you. This should come in handy so that you don’t get spammed. You can change who emails you from Anyone on Google+ to just those in your circles, extended circles or just be mean and invite no one on Google+ to your Gmail inbox.

google plus integtration comes to gmail 1

The update is rolling out in stages to all Gmail users so if you already don’t have it, keep calm, it is coming soon. Be sure to check your settings once you get the notification that you can now mail anyone you follow on Google+.


Via: Google