Galaxy S5 to be unveiled on 23rd February with new custom UI – Murtazin


I have a particular disdain for leaks and rumours originating from Russian blogger and tech insider Eldar Murtazin but I’ll give him the benefit of doubt on this one. According to him, Samsung’s newest flagship smartphone will be launched on 23rd February at an event before the Mobile World Congress starts officially in Barcelona, Spain, the following day.

Additionally, Murtazin points out that the device will pack all the rumoured specs which could include that 2K display we’ve heard so much about, the 4 GB RAM and that fingerprint scanner laid directly on the display. He also asserts that the rumoured re-worked TouchWiz overlay will feature in that device too.

If I were you I wouldn’t make much about this rumour but February 23rd is just a month away, we’ll soon find out. Further more this latest rumour fits in so well with previous reports that Samsung was preparing to launch its next flagship device at a much earlier date so as to build on a lot of the sales momentum that we last saw with the Galaxy S III back in 2012.

Murtazin Galaxy S5 rumours 21st Jan


Source: Twitter

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