Recover photos and videos from your memory card


SD cards are the prime sources of data storage space in digital camera, mobile phones, and many like gadgets. As you know, SD cards are available in different categories, viz. Secure Digital (SD), Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC), Compact Flash (CF), Memory Stick, Multimedia Card, xD-Picture Card, and more, which have different sizes as well as storage capacity. Even though SD cards are secure and portable, they require immense care to keep your data protected. For instance, you must be careful while inserting into or ejecting from the camera, as mishandling may lead to corruption and hence, you will lose all photos and videos stored on it.

memory card photo recoveryDigital cameras are the great sources of capturing precious moments in our life, which we can keep them with us forever. However, people often come across situations like unable to open photos, photos grayed out, and more. In fact, the situation sometimes get even worse when one fails to copy/move photos from SD card to computer, as it prompts a message, “The disk in drive <drive_name> is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?” Well, if you click ‘Yes’, you are going to delete your data. But, if you click ‘No’, you are unable to access it. In this situation, all you need to go for is a commercial photo recovery tool to avoid losing your precious photos and videos.
Things to Remember
Though the process to recover lost photos from a disk requires a professional photo recovery tool, you must remember the following things before as well as at the time to recovery:

  • The moment you realize about photos loss, stop using the SD card. This is because reusing the SD card overwrites the space, which makes data recovery almost impossible.
  •  Before using a photo recovery tool to perform SD card recovery, you must be sure that your computer is able to detect it.
  •  Do not choose the SD card as the destination disk to stored recovered photos.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery
Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is an advanced professional photo recovery tool, which is available for both Mac and Windows operating systems. This Do-it-Yourself tool is based on a three steps recovery process, i.e. Scan, Preview, and Save. Mentioned below are the steps to recover lost photos using Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery tool from a Memory card or an SD card:

  • Hook up the SD card to your computer using a card reader.
  • Launch Phoenix Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery tool.
  • On the home screen, click Recover Photo, Audio & Video.
  •  Select the SD card in the hierarchy of disks and their respective volumes and click Scan Now.
  •  Click Advance Scan to select select/unselect file types for Photo, Audio and Video files.
  • In the Select Range tab, select the specific region of the hard drive (if required) to scan and click Continue.
  • This starts scanning the select disk (or area of disk), then you can preview the recovered ptotos.
  • In the scanned result, select a folder at the left to reveal its contents in the bottom pane. Select one item to generate its preview.
  • Finally, click Recover to save all or selected items on specific location on your computer.

Precautions to Avoid SD Card Corruption
SD cards are the secure, portable, and affordable sources of data storage space. However, people often endure the loss of their precious photos, videos, and other data due to carelessness, or even due to a random cause. You may not be able to prevent a data disaster, but you can take the following precautions to avoid SD card corruption, causing data loss:

  • While inserting and ejecting the SD card, make sure you switch off the camera.
  • Make sure you eject the SD card properly (or do not pull it out).
  • Do not operate the camera when it indicates battery low.
  • When you see your photos are getting corrupt or lost, stop using the SD card.
  • If SD card prompts disk-formatting message, use Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software to recover your photos and more.

Additionally, you are recommended to take proper backup of your precious photos. For this, you can upload them to web as well.


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