Gigwapi Redefining Future of Event Business

Gigwapi Card

Gigwapi CardGigwapi is redefining the future of event listing and management with the launch of their new card called Gigwapi Card. Launched yesterday at the Nailab Start up Demo function attended by the Cabinet Secretary for ICT Dr. Fred Matiang’i, the Gigwapi card allows event organizers sell tickets, market their events online or through sms service.

What’s more, the cards containing your personal information can automatically integrate to your social media profile and  update your followers on the event you are currently in. This brings in the necessary blend between cashless and seamless events payments on an integrated platform with a social aspect that even makes the card growth user driven.

“When we call our friends every Friday night to ask where the happening event is, we miss out on many other great events. With the Gigwapi card users can find events that are in line with their personal and professional interests,” said Kinyanjui Njonde, Gigwapi co-founder.

The Gigwapi start up partnered with Terrasoftworks Software to create this innovative and interactive product that will soon allow for cashless payment into events. Event organizers and brand sponsors stand to benefit from customer-driven brand visibility arising from the social media integration feature. The cards use Near Field Communication readers and scanners to allow users interact across various platforms.

The card gives users a cool way to share there current event activities, upload event pictures to the social media platform as well market brands and events being attended. The start up was incubated at Nailab, a Kenyan based technology incubator that seeks to lower the entry barriers for ICT entrepreneurs who want implement and scale their businesses and by extension spur the growth of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.


  1. Whoohaaa! I didnt see that coming. This is an awesome product! The possibilities are great here! Could be the card for all events.

    • Hey Emmanuel. Users of the card will be able to purchase SMS tickets, pay for goods/tickets. Top up is done via MPESA. It also holds your personal information and can be connected to your social media profile providing a cool way to share your current physical engagements like check in, upload photos & messages to your followers on social media by just tapping on designated scan points at an event.

      • Its ok, I checked the payments thing on your site as your earlier comment had suggested. However, what sets your card apart is the checkin to social media. How does that work exactly? When you pay using the card at the event an alert is posted on your social media feeds or how exactly does that one work? The site says: Tap the card to checkin at event and post messages and photo on social media. Eeeerm what is that supposed to mean? Are there NFC terminals at the events where by tapping the card one is able to checkin or is it tied to the payments as I have earlier suggested? May be I am not getting the point but I wish I could understand that bit more. There are NFC powered phones (not necessary) and there’s the checkout (for payment), how does the checkin happen?

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