Nailab-Backed Next Economy Program Expands to Kisumu to Train the Youth

TNE Training Kisumu
TNE Training in Kisumu

TNE Training KisumuIn a bid to create business opportunities for the youth, Nailab, SOS Kenya, GoodUp and SOS Netherlands launched The Next Economy Program. Targeting young people from all walks of life, the platform set out to lead sustainable and income-generating activities for the demographic via direct employment links and entrepreneurial training activities.

The pilot program was launched in 2017 with a primary purpose of aligning its mandate to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), especially goal number eight that aims to make way for decent work and economic growth.

At that time, the program attracted a total of 701 youth (aged between 18 and 30) within Nairobi and its surroundings. 150 of the lot were selected to take part in a core life skills training program. Another notable group underwent entrepreneurial training and employability phase.

The program reports that 21 young people have since managed to net internship positions and job placements. About 22 groups that sought to pursue business ideas have collectively raised KES 1,477,737 after a one-month crowd-sourcing campaign.

2018’s installment of the program expanded its turf to Kisumu. The lakeside city’s partner is Lake Hub Kisumu. The new initiative was rolled out in February and managed to attract 1483 youths (968 from Nairobi, 515 in Kisumu). 27 percent of the lot has since qualified for the program in both cities.

The Next Economy program, which has also been deployed in Mali, Nigeria, and Somalia aims to support 600 young people in Kenya alone. Support in the other three African nations stands at 3019 people.

Interested youth can apply for consideration at this site.