Lenovo and LG join the Samsung ‘blurry’ photo trolling party


Nokia has already had its fair share of telling the world how its Lumia devices would’ve done so much better if Academy Awards host Ellen De Generes and her selfie loving friends including Bradley Cooper had used them instead of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that Ellen brought with her to the stage and red carpet of the world’s most prestigious film awards ceremony.Now LG and Lenovo have joined in too and they have no kind words for Samsung either.

Lenovo goes beyond Nokia’s ‘blurry’ photos observation and notes that the camera could’ve done much better by accommodating more. They say: No long arms needed when u have #MyVibe. The Vibe is Lenovo’s Android device lineup brand and has beauties like the Vibe X and Vibe Z both of which have sharp 5 megapixel front-facing shooters. In my opinion, these are the guys who should’ve told Samsung something about blurry photos. Them or their Chinese counterparts Huawei.

Lenovo trolls Samsung Oscar selfie

LG used LG Jordan to drive the point home. Like I had suggested earlier, they took note and told us how easy it would have been if Ellen had a G2 that has buttons at the back for easy selfie moments.

LG trolls Samsung Oscars selfie


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