Juggle between servers in a better way with free premium upgrade of Juice SSH app


Juice SSH

Are you a person who spends most of their work day juggling between black and white screens? You know, silently or loudly tapping your life away in endless terminals? There’s something about those terminals and Android. It is the only mobile platform that offers you great flexibility on how you can remotely access and make changes to your system servers on the go. There are several good apps on Android that can help you do just that but one has always stood out: Juice SSH. In line with marking its 500,000 user milestone, the guys behind Juice SSH are giving away free upgrade licences to the application till March 18th so if you’re one of those system administrators out there who still wants to keep an eye on your beloved things while on the go, you may want to consider this.

What do you do to get it?


  1. Download Juice SSH from the Google Play Store.
  2. Head over to this special page set up for just that, to give you a free Juice SSH premium upgrade licence.
  3. Enter the Gmail address associated with your device’s Google Play Store account.
  4. Hit Get License
  5. Wait for that all important email to land in your inbox any time between the first two hours of your signup and about eight hours.
  6. Get tunneling.