Smartphone Apps are Changing the Way we Buy Cars

Car Apps

Car AppsDo you already use your mobile phone to shop online? Many of us have placed a bid on eBay over the phone or even taken care of some last-minute holiday shopping on Amazon’s mobile website. It’s not much of a stretch to point out that the way we shop has changed drastically over the past few years, and this extends to big ticket items like electronics and cars. The following mobile apps are a few of the most popular to help you research, compare, and eventually purchase a car using today’s technology.

One of the first ways that apps can be used to buy cars is by researching stats and comparing prices of used vehicles. The Edmunds mobile app is one popular example of this, showing the private party sale, trade-in, and retail cost. You can also take a look at auto specifications and reviews of any given model, including both used and new cars.

eBay Motors

You can take this information a step further and actually buy a car using the eBay Motors app. The app provides most of the same services and search functions that you’d find on the regular eBay website, allowing you to search for a car by make, model, year, or basic keyword. If you’re out on the street and fall in love with a certain car, you can snap a photo and upload it the app, which will search for matches online.


Whether you want to read extensive reviews or compare new cars with their used models, this app from will help you get to the bottom of what’s out there. Search auto listings for a specific make and model or simply read reviews and car news to help narrow down the features which are most important to you.

Car apps 2Car Factor

One aspect of car shopping that can be confusing is comparing trim levels. Don’t get talked into buying more than you can afford at the dealership! Instead, you can use the Car Factor app to build up a trim level and see what the real cost would be ahead of time. You can compare the prices among several different dealerships, to find the best deal.


While some of these apps are only applicable to new cars, the CarChecker app is specifically for those who want to buy used. You are given a list of features and warning signs to look for, which is convenient to have in front of you when you go to visit a potential car. You can tick the boxes as you look at it, with CarChecker giving the vehicle a final score for comparison.

C Pro

Like eBay and Carsales, Craigslist is another site where you can buy cars online. This one works at a localized level, so it’s helpful to use the C Pro app that allows you to filter results by location. This is helpful if you have a set budget or are looking for a specific make and model in your neighbourhood.

Today’s smartphone apps for car buyers are useful on several different levels. Whether you’re ready to buy now or just want to see what your options are, these apps can help you get a better deal.