Kenya’s Cybersecurity Efforts Great for Investment – Kaspersky Lab


Since the undersea fibre landed in the East African region, Kenya has made concerted efforts to take advantage of it. As an investment destination, fibre internet adds a reliable communication channel between the Kenyan market and the rest of the world. To safeguard the security of this infrastructure, the country has been working on a National Cybersecurity Master Plan whose goals have included setting up a co-ordinated incidence response mechanism, PKI infrastructure and comprehensive cyber security policies.

“With sound cyber security policies in place, we can expect to see data centres moving from offshore to in-country, and more ICT investment and development in the region,” says Kaspersky Lab’s Bethwel Opil. According to Opil, the drive by governments to implement strong legislation for digital communication plays a large part in mitigating the risks of cybercrime. As Kenya moves towards becoming a major force in the regions ICT market, Kaspersky feels that the formulation of draft cybersecurity laws will help in the growth of a secure internet in the country.