Purported Galaxy S5 ‘Prime’ Video also leaks


If you’re already getting annoyed at all the news about the rumoured Galaxy S5 ‘Prime’ then you’ll need to find a place to hide since it seems like there won’t be any shortage of them.

Here’s a video of the device we first saw last evening but have known for a while that it exists thanks to YouTube channel TK TECH NEWS:

Is that the Galaxy S5 ‘Prime’? Clearly we can’t tell yet but as you can see in the video there’s an aluminium backplate and a QHD display on that pre-production model being demoed. Also note the “larger than life” bezels on the front of the device and the apparent masking on the aluminium backplate. This just screams “Ingress Protection” more than anything else. I doubt that has anything to do with a Galaxy S5 Active even though recent leaks have prepared us for the eventual release of the same sooner rather than later.

Though this video looks so fake to me as this could be any Galaxy S5 with a metal backplate, you be the judge.


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