Samsung Galaxy S5 ‘Prime’ with aluminium body shown off in leaks


Back in February on the eventful day when Samsung was to unveil the Galaxy S5 in Barcelona, Spain, word was rife that we would see two models of the device unveiled Oppo Find 7 style.

One was rumoured to have standard flagship specifications like a 1080p display and the traditional Samsung plastic body design that many love to hate. The other model would have what is slowly becoming the benchmark of 2014 flagship devices worth their name: a QHD display, a new Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset and a stunning new aluminium design. We never got to see the latter but ever since the Galaxy S5 went official, there has been no shortage of rumours about the imminent release of a beefed up version still seeing the light of day in order to keep up the pace with competitors like LG who have a beefy G3 that is currently one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year. So here we are, after leaks that didn’t tell us more other than a photo of the current Galaxy S5 model with just a different model number, we have what we believe are real images of the Samsung Galaxy S5 ‘Prime’.

Galaxy S5 Prime 2 Galaxy S5 Prime 3

The Galaxy S5 ‘Prime’ is expected to pack the following:

  • A QHD (2560 x 1440 pixels) resolution display
  • A Snapdragon 805 chipset accompanied by an Adreno 420 GPU
  • 3 GB RAM

From the above photos, the device is shown having the same design as the Galaxy S5 when it comes to the generalities but the back is slightly curved and retains the same tiny perforations for enhancing grip. This will likely be where this aluminium clad device beats the HTC One M8 which has the same material too but has often been called out for being too slippery when held. A bigger battery than the 2800 mAh found on the current S5 model is expected since obviously the QHD display needs more juice. Other features of the current S5 are expectd to be retained e.g. the fingerprint scanner (you can see it in the images above), the 16 MP camera that has been one of the most widely praised features of the current S5 and that not-here-nor-there heart rate sensor.

We are not sure if this is the actual device since as always unless things get official, you can never be so certain but the evidence around the mysterious device is building even before we start hearing more about the Note 4 is just too much to be false. Of course we’re also not sure about the name. The ‘Prime’ moniker that everyone is throwing around may as well be overlooked for something else. We’ve seen this movie before with Apple ditching naming its third generation iPad as we had expected and simply naming it ‘The New iPad’. Google also played us with Key Lime Pie opting to surprise us with KitKat instead as the name of its next Android version. Recently, HTC decided the new One wasn’t going to be the One+ but rather adopt its internal model code as a name.

Photos: PhoneArena


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