Huawei has sold 1 million Ascend P7 units

Huawei Ascend P7

Last month, Huawei unveiled its latest flagship smartphone, the Ascend P7. Since this is no Galaxy device to clock over 10 million in just a month without availability in a major smartphone market like the United States, the P7 has so far sold a cool 1 million units.

Ascend P7

Huawei is said to have an internal target of 12 million for the device set to be achieved within the first year of the device going on sale and with the momentum gained in its first month of availability, the Chinese company could as well do that if they get their marketing right in the various markets the device is going on sale.

The P7’s predecessor, the Ascend P6, managed to sell 4 million units across the globe and played a significant role in pushing Huawei to the third spot of top smartphone manufacturer in the world coming a distant third behind market leaders Samsung and Apple who dominate the global smartphone market with their Galaxy and iPhone models respectively.

The Ascend P7 is an upgrade of last year’s P6 featuring an improved processor, better camera and same impeccable design that won reviewers over. The device will soon be available in Kenya through Safaricom which offered the P6 as an exclusive last year.


Source: Xinhua