Android Powered Lumia Smartphone; Wait, What?

Nokia X

Nokia XIt looks ridiculous to even think that with all the changes in place, that Nokia would go Android for their flagship range of smartphones, the Lumia range I mean, yes Stephen Elop denied that Nokia would go Android at some point in time, and that Android devices are doing well for Nokia, but really?

At the launch of Nokia X, Nokia Execs were keen to mention that that Nokia X served as a bridge between the Asha phones and Windows Powered Lumia phones. Now that still stands and the UX for the Nokia X is the best proof of that. So what’s new?

Serial leakstar Evan Blass through his twitter handle @EVleaks has it that an Android Powered Lumia Smartphone is on the way. That changes everything, right? I remember wondering what happens should Android powered smartphones get successful, not in becoming the bridge to Windows Phone but in the platform itself, would Nokia change stance?

Evan has quite a high level of accuracy and this doesn’t look like something he pulled out of his errr… hat, much as we might not want to believe. But what if it’s true? Lumia is not exactly entry level as Nokia X has been, it’s somewhere close to mid range upwards. In a move to get more numbers, this might seem like a tactical move, just like in politics where there are no permanent enemies, this would seem like a there-are-no-permanent-platforms scenario.

What next?

We all have to wait and see what unfolds, see which side of the surprise this one lies. Much as Android users are known to be not really the best spenders in platform available resources, preferring free mostly, it would be good for the numbers. You know, with more numbers Microsoft might just think up new ways to monetize them. What do you think, Lumia Android; welcome or not?