LG accidentally outs G3 Stylus in G3 Beat ad


LG is planning on taking Samsung head on as far as stylus smartphones go. Yes, the Galaxy Note will likely be facing its most serious threat in the LG G3 Stylus or so we think since the upcoming Note 4 won’t be child’s play anyway.

LG G3 Stylus

In an ad posted on YouTube meant to promote that LG G3 Beat we saw a few days ago, LG accidently showcases a device it is yet to announce: the G3 Stylus. It looks like the G3 and the only difference as the name implies is the stylus. Probably it is just a G3 with a stylus and software features to support the stylus but we can’t be sure about that for now since there are no speaks but you can be sure we’ll be hearing so much about it soon. We’ll bring you everything about it that we can lay our hands on.

Here’s the full ad that outed the G3 Stylus




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