What Adaptive Display On Samsung Galaxy Tab S Means For You

Samsung Tab S Adaptive Display

Samsung Tab S Adaptive DisplayThe Galaxy Tab S has a brilliant Super AMOLED display that not only conveys content in rich colors and high definition but is smart as well. Given the fact that a number of users will use a tablet in more than one environment with different lighting conditions it is essential that the tablet is able to adjust itself to suit not only the viewer but also the environment and content as well.

Thanks to a feature known as Adaptive display the Galaxy Tab S identifies the environment you are in, what you are currently viewing on the tablet and what app you are using to optimize your viewing experience with an innovative technology known as mobile digital natural image engine (mDNIe)

With The Adaptive display feature the Galaxy Tab S is able to automatically adjust color range, sharpness, and contrast according to your usage. For instance if you switch from watching a movie to reading an e-Book, the screen adjusts itself to give you a more ideal viewing experience suited to the new content.

Users can also manually choose between 3 screen modes including AMOLED Photo (optimizes display color tones for more realistic colors), AMOLED cinema (Optimizes display for highest sharpness and resolution) and Basic mode (Optimizes display for dim surroundings) depending to suit the nature of the content they are viewing

Other than the intelligent adaptive display the Galaxy Tab S also has a reading mode for selected applications that not only optimizes the screen for reading but will also help protect the eyes from strain when reading for a prolonged period.

Through the device settings user can set the Tab S to automatically adjust screen tone based on the images displayed on the screen to save on power.

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