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Samsung Tab S Adaptive Display

What Adaptive Display On Samsung Galaxy Tab S Means For You

The Galaxy Tab S has a brilliant Super AMOLED display that not only conveys content in rich colors and high definition but is smart...
Samsung Tab S Motion Control

Practical Features On Samsung Galaxy Tab S: Motion Control

Outside of having the best display on a tablet so far, the Galaxy Tab S goes further to add features that are quite useful...
Galaxy Tab S Kenya

Media Consumption Dedicated Samsung Galaxy Tab S Launched In Kenya, Here’s What You Should Know

Samsung's super display tablet has finally had a Kenya launch. The device launched sometime in June targeted specifically at media consumers. These tablets' design...
Galaxy Tab S TVC

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S TVC Shows The Edge Super AMOLED Has Over LCD Displays For Tablets

Samsung announced the Galaxy Tab S last month, a device who's striking difference from the pack is the display technology design and dimensions. It's...

Galaxy Tab S is Samsung’s second Super AMOLED display tablet

Back in 2011 Samsung released one of its best ever mid-sized tablets, the Galaxy Tab 7.7. Unlike many other Galaxy Tabs before it and...