Here’s How Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Performs When Subjected To The Butt

Galaxy Note 4 Butt test

Galaxy Note 4 Butt test This is where we are at. A year ago you’d not have thought that the butt would feature majorly in a conversation about how awesome smartphones are over others. But here we are, thanks to Apple and #Bendgate. As a refresher, Apple has had complaints by users after launch where they had their iPhone 6 get bent after a few days of use, just average use. Means that they weren’t ready for the pocket and the uncertainties that come with it.

Samsung in the way of showing that their smartphone can endure that went ahead and put up a video showing how the Galaxy Note 4 can endure all this in an average setting. This includes simulating an actual butt, that is if you put your smartphone next to the Gluteus Maximus. And according to what we see, the phone did withstand. Now going back to the iPhone, and also going by some video that was published showing the iPhone taking a hit after getting curved by bare hands, the iPhone 6 did not recover but stuck in that position, curved.

The Galaxy Note 4 on the other hand does stretch slightly, but goes back to it’s position without taking a noticeable hit. We leave you to decide whether this is scientific or not after watching the video. What we do think though is that this is quite a good way to show that the company does believe in it’s product and that users need not to worry that they will sit on their phone to disastrous endings (pun intended).

Samsung attributes the strength of the Galaxy Note 4 to the metal frame, magnesium bracket and mutually reinforcing structure between parts, whatever that is. The struggle is there to go to extremes, there is extremes that shouldn’t be touched and Apple learnt this a bit too late.