iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus To Sell Via Airtel In 17 African Countries, Price From Kshs 100K

iPhone 6

iPhone 6Airtel will be selling the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in Kenya! This comes after the mobile carrier closed a deal to sell the phone in Kenya and 16 other countries in Africa where it operates. The device could be available somewhere between first week of November to the mid of November this year. This is not exactly an exclusive deal to Airtel so you shouldn’t be surprised should you see other players selling the devices in these markets.

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Apple launched the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus sometime back in September and it was going to be the first time Apple got into the new world of phablets. Both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus are in sizes extraordinary of the iPhone and this makes them the come to the sizes most of Android flagships have been for some time. I’m sure you do remember Steve Jobbs and his famous “the phone has to fit in one hand while in use” quote.

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Well the iPhone 6 is 4.7 inch in size (the average flagship Android is 5 inch) while the iPhone 6 Plus is a towering 5.5 inches, basically directly aimed to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Note Series. The two phones will retail at around the same time and we have information that they will start selling at a price range of Kshs 100,000 (USD 1122) to 150,000 (USD 1683) when it becomes available.

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