Startimes Drops Set Top Box Price to Near Free, Intros Kshs 150 Bouquet

StarTimes FTA Decoder

StarTimes FTA DecoderStartimes Media on Friday announced new prices for Set Top Boxes with the PayTV one getting a serious price slash to Kshs 200. The Free To Air box will now retail at Kshs 4,000. StarTimes also made it easier for those with the free to air set top box to view tv at a new low price.

Angling for Christmas holiday sales and migrants from Analogue TV who will otherwise be locked out of watching TV as the year ends due to the country’s digital migration deadline, Startimes has a rather interesting pricing for both set top boxes and bouquets. Kenya has set Nairobi and it’s environs to migrate on the 30th of this month so consumers will have no choice but to get themselves a DVB-T2 Set Top Box, or Satellite TV as the only options to watch TV.

With the deadline day coming, Startimes announced a price shift, specifically for this period where they sell the Pay TV Set Top Box at Kshs 200 for users who purchase it and make a commitment to spend Kshs 1500 which could either be used as a one month subscription to the Unique Bouquet, 45 days to the Classic Bouquet, 3 months Basic bouquet or 10 months of Nyota Bouquet channel.

This is essentially selling the box for Kshs 1700 but giving the user leeway to choose which bouquet to get free worth Kshs 1500.

Nyota bouquet which now sells at a monthly Kshs 150 gives access to 8 channels: Star Swahili, E-Star, Star Music, Star Kungfu, Child Smile, God TV, Iqraa TV, CCTV News alongside the local channels. This tries to seal the gap left when StarTimes introduced a free to air Set top box instead of adding free to air ability to the first set top box.

The Free to air box will now be retailing at Kshs 4,000 and comes with a month of Unique bouquet worth Kshs 1500. The company also dropped the price of the external antenna to Kshs 1,000 from Kshs 1,400. This is used when the internal antenna is insufficient.