StarTimes Adds Kartoon Channel and Others to Its Premium Channels


StarTimes has launched four new premium international channels for its viewers.

These channels include Kartoon, a family entertainment channel, Filmbox Action, an English-language film and television channel, CBS Justice, a criminal and investigations documentary channel, and CBS Reality, a reality television channel.

The CEO of StarTimes, Mr. Hanson Wang, stated that the new channels would be available on the platform’s terrestrial, satellite, and online streaming platform, StarTimes ON.

He further added that the diverse content and available across all platforms, and would not require any extra subscription cost.

The Kartoon Channel is a destination for family entertainment, offering thousands of episodes of family-friendly content, including exclusive and first-run series, and weekend movies.

Filmbox Action is an English-language film and television channel that will broadcast film and television content from the United States, Europe, and Asia, including Hollywood blockbusters, classic films, and popular dramas.

CBS Justice is a criminal and investigations documentary channel that will captivate its viewers through expert investigative skills.

CBS Reality is a channel that will present compelling reality shows and series featuring larger-than-life characters and real-life factual stories.


“We continue to tailor our content to appeal to the whole family which explains the diverse content genres we have added to our subscriber’s entertainment offering which is aimed at ensuring our entertaining and informative content appeals across age groups. Importantly, this content will be available across all our platforms at no extra subscription cost,” said Mr. Hanson.

“We are thrilled to launch these channels that will offer such a diverse line-up of programming for our subscribers.  With safe, value-driven content across multiple genres, we anticipate the channels will be a hit and look forward to increasingly adding subscriber value through unique entertainment experience to our Kenyan subscribers,” he added.