Lollipop is a no show in latest Android distribution numbers


Sony just made clear its official Android Lollipop update roadmap at CES. This will cover its most recent flagship smartphones with older devices yet to be confirmed even though these can count on getting third party developer love since Sony has already released everything needed for such efforts. Samsung is already rolling out Lollipop to Galaxy S5 users in various markets around the world with Galaxy Note 3, Note 4 and S4 users expecting the same love in a few days. LG and Motorola went first and HTC is still readying the update. That, in a nutshell, is the state Android Lollipop finds itself in and pretty much explains why its user base doesn’t qualify it to show up in the January 2015 Android distribution chart below.

Play Store data - January

While Lollipop is still waiting for its better days, KitKat is catching on. It’s user base rose by 5.2% to stand at 39.1% up from 33.9% last month. As history has shown us, we expect KitKat’s adoption to continue rising for the next half year until there are enough newer devices coming out running Android Lollipop and old ones that have gotten the update from either their manufacturers or third party maintainers. It’s a shame though that the 4 year old Froyo still appears on the chart. ICS is in the single digits zone and Gingerbread is still stubborn.


Source: Android Developers