Airtel Is Now A Shilling Cheaper Than Safaricom When Roaming In Uganda

Airtel Roaming

Airtel Roaming Hot on the heels of Safaricom which following an agreement with regional mobile carriers in what is called the One Network Area Agreement dropped roaming costs in East African countries Rwanda and Uganda, Airtel has also announced dropping it’s roaming rates. Airtel makes the announcement also aligned to the One Are Network agreement.

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The new rates are Kshs 9 per minute down from Kshs 23 and 1 shilling shy of the Kshs 10 price by Safaricom on calls in the three countries; Uganda, Rwanda and Uganda. Of course with competition the constant winner is the consumer.

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The new rates affect both prepay and postpay customers and will be effective for roaming call costs to Kenya and Rwanda while in Uganda and also local calls in Uganda. Receiving calls is free while in Uganda.

Making international calls while in Kenya to Uganda and Rwanda will be billed a Kshs 10 per minute. Data costs on the other hand will be at Kshs 10 per MB when roaming in Uganda.