Safaricom To Launch New Data Bundle Today; Here’s What You Need To Know

Safaricom sambaza

Safaricom sambazaAfter some days of planning, consulting and wracking their brains, Safaricom are ready to answer consumer requests of reviewing the recent proposition. The telco, through the CEO Bob Collymore on Twitter had promised to look into the offering to see how they could review it and make it better for consumers.  Safaricom will specifically focus on the data bundle expiry.

We have information that the telco will launch a new data bundle that will last 90 days with no roll-over. This was one of the part of the recently launched data bundles that caused an outcry from subscribers. The data bundle is said to compliment the existing daily, weekly and monthly data bundles announced  last week. We are yet to hear if the company will do a review on the sambaza packages which has gone as low as 10MB a time and 20 MB per day.

In a recent interview on K24 TV, CEO Bob Collymore didn’t look keen on reviewing the sambaza part which was quite popular with resellers who would buy in bulk and take advantage of the bulk offering to break it down and sell small chunks. Safaricom would like to look at sambaza as an emergency service for people who need things like reading email when they cannot or maybe check mentions.

The changes should check in tonight and we will update on anything new we come across. Stay around.


  1. A Telco that still thinks of data in terms of 10MBs in 2015 is just tragic? Say you want to read that email, with all the background processes and updates that are common on smartphones would you really be able to.

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