Safaricom slashes data bundle rates in swift counter to Airtel’s Unliminet tariff


Safaricom has moved swiftly to counter the recent onslaught on its turf by Airtel Kenya and the highly entrepreneurial minds who saw the rise in demand for affordable data rates and introduced what we fondly refer to as bundles mwitu. This was bound to happen. It was just a matter of when.

Starting today, you will enjoy relatively cheaper rates when subscribing to the various data bundles that Safaricom offers its customers. It is not just data that is affected. The daily and weekly bundles will also include SMS. This has been in place for daily bundle subscriptions of up to Ksh 20 but it now expands to cover upto Ksh 100. Then it gets better: there is a power bundle! It’s called Night Internet Bundle. For just Ksh 300 Safaricom subscribers can enjoy 1 GB of data during off-peak hours. However, the best deal out of all this is what some of us have always loved: night shift data. For every data bundle you purchase, you get a similar amount of data for use between 10pm and 6am.

Here are the new rates:

DAILY BUNDLES OFF-PEAK (10pm-6am) SMS Price Price per mb
5MB 5MB 5SMS 5 1.00
12MB 12MB 12SMS 10 0.83
25MB 25MB 25SMS 20 0.80
50MB 50MB 50SMS 30 0.60
100MB 100MB 100SMS 40 0.40
WEEKLY BUNDLES OFF-PEAK (10pm-6am) SMS Price Price per mb
4MB 4MB 5 1.25
10MB 10MB 10 1.00
30MB 30MB 25 0.83
65MB 65MB 50 0.77
MONTHLY BUNDLES OFF-PEAK (10pm-6am) SMS Price Price per mb
100MB 100MB 100 1.00
300MB 300MB 250 0.83
650MB 650MB 500 0.77
2GB 2GB 1000 0.49
5GB 5GB 2000 0.39
10GB 10GB 3000 0.29
25GB 25GB 5750 0.22
50GB 50GB 6750 0.13
  1GB 300 0.29

As you will note, the 1.5 and 3 GB bundles have been scrapped in favour of the very cheap 2, 5 and 10 GB bundles. For Ksh 1,000 you get 2GB data and an additional 2 GB night shift data. Previously, that only got you 1.5 GB + 750 MB night shift data.

Dial *544# and enjoy the new daily, weekly and monthly bundles.

Also note that previously, night shift data was usable between 10pm and 10am. Now it’s upto 6am.

This information can also be found on the Safaricom website.