You are out of your mind if you buy Apple Watch Edition – Asus


Apple’s new smartwatches go on sale on the 24th of April with pre-orders opening two weeks earlier. What has caught everyone’s attention however is the Apple Watch Edition whose prices start at $10,000 going to as high as $17,000. Yes, that, for just a watch. Ok, it has 18 karat gold (which doesn’t come cheap by the way) and what not but still… Even though it appeals to everyone, Apple is targeting the luxury watch market with the Watch Edition and it rightfully caters for the other market segments with the Sport and Watch models but Taiwan-based Asus doesn’t see it that way. They think you’ll be out of your mind by going with the pricey Watch Edition instead of their good-looking and fairly-priced ZenWatch.

Here’s the taunt Asus’ communication team posted on Twitter:

asus mock apple watch

This is good for banter but the two companies appeal to two different sets of customers altogether. On one hand you have budget conscious customers who’ll cringe at anything that is not priced as per their expectations while on the other you have “fans” who’ll just grab anything with the Apple logo slapped at the back at whatever price. These and the customer who wants a smartwatch but still not lose their place in the exclusive club of those with expensive timepieces that is currently a reserve of traditional Swiss watchmakers.


Via: Twitter