Samsung drops logo on Galaxy S6, S6 Edge selling in Japan


In a surprise move, Samsung’s all-too-familiar logo is missing where it really matters: on the company’s phones! The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge launch in Japan later in the week, on the 23rd, through NTT DoCoMo. Instead of the Samsung logo we have the carrier’s own logo plastered both on the front and the back of the Galaxy S6. The Galaxy S6 Edge only has the DoCoMo branding at the back and there’s no logo at all on the front.

samsung galaxy s6 s6 edge japan no logo

The Galaxy S6 Edge is probably the first Samsung phone that does not have the logo on the front. Okay, the Galaxy Nexus wasn’t an out and out Samsung device like the S line up so there is that.

The move to drop Samsung’s corporate logo may be informed by the company’s poor showing in Japan where its smartphone marketshare is just under 6% in a market dominated by Apple’s iPhone and smartphones from Japanese companies Sharp, Fujitsu and Sony.