Google Launches Password Alert To Keep Users From Phishing Attempts


There are enough well-documented cases of users of Google services like Gmail and even other services being duped into entering their account login credentials into make-believe fake sites that ordinary users can’t tell apart and then ending up losing control of the same accounts. That should be a thing of the past as Google moves to protect its user base from such phishing attempts and more with Password Alert.

Password Alert is simply a Chrome extension that will alert you to change your Google account password incase it is entered anywhere other than Password Alert scans the HTML code of every page you visit on the world wide web to detect if any page is impersonating a Google Accounts sign in page.

Password Alert by Google

Password Alert will work with all Google Accounts including Google for Work as long as your admin installs it for everyone and manages it when threats are detected.

This is Google’s latest attempt at safeguarding its users from an increasingly insecure web. It has previously used enticements like free added Google Drive storage.

You can find Password Alert on the Chrome Web Store.