Mayweather Beats Pacquiao In The Ring and Internet


social-mediaThe “Fight of the Century” took place yesterday at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Floyd Money Mayweather won pushing his unblemished record to 48-0.  There was a huge talk of the fight on social media with many expressing disappointment that the fight failed to deliver. This was perhaps as a result of  anticipation of seeing the two fighters in the same ring, the unprecedented hype or the big money shelled out to watch it (tickets went for as much as $200,000).

So who won on social media? 

A global audience of over 2 million watched the match. In fact, in Manny Pacquiao’s home country of Filipino, the public was asked to switch off their appliances to avoid power blackouts.  During the fight, over 5 million tweets were sent  using #MayPac. Money Mayweather garned 3.4 million mentions on Twitter to Pacquiao’s 1.6 million making him King of the ring and social media.

The most tweeted about moments during the fight

1. End of fight: Mayweather defeats Pacquiao 116-112.

2. Mayweather post-fight interview.

3. Pacquiao post-fight interview.

4. Round 12 comes to an end.

5. Pacquiao lands a flurry of punches during Round 4.

Pacquiao also experienced the most mentions after his selfie with his entourage during the walk-in and a Periscope video from inside the locker room proved to be extremely popular.

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