Safaricom To Give Box Decoder Users Free Internet For Six Months


Safaricom Box Decoder - Techweez Safaricom is preparing to unveil its own media streaming box aptly named the Big Box. The company will be providing buyers of the Big Box with free internet for the first six months. There is also free YouTube for users for three months. This confirms the speculation that the Big Box, running Android, will provide internet access via a 4G SIM slot as well as act as a wireless hotspot besides also being a gaming device. Streaming aside, the Big Box decoder will also have local channels NTV, KTN, Citizen and state broadcaster KBC.

Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore says the Big Box is Safaricom’s means of getting into the living rooms of its customers without using fibre. Speaking immediately after the release of the 2014/2015 financial results, Mr Collymore said, “We want to get into the entertainment space and provide access to content users want and not what the broadcasters want.” Simply put, that’s video on demand.

We expect to hear more about “The Big Box” tomorrow, Friday, May 8th.

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  1. What does this mean????

    The company will be providing buyers of the Big Box with free internet for the first six months. There is also free YouTube for users for three months.

    • That they will probably whitelist Youtube for three months so it loads with no data at all, the other free internet could be subject to usage policy caps. Just speculation, we have a few hours to confirm.

  2. Am so waiting on this, it will be a game changer for people who understand the dynamics it provides. i hope the price range will be competitive and they will make a killing in the industry. could see their profits hitting another record in the next financial year from what they have just announced ~ 32B

    • Yes, I actually echo you. Having taken their time, I think they will properly hit the market with something they can take into the future. I will be on standby to see what the proposition is.

      • Martin, how come i’m not all psyc’d up about it. Safaricom has been notorious for over-promising and over-hyping many times.

        Think about it, do they even have the capacity in terms of bandwidth to provide seamless 4G for each household in a locality of a single transmitter?

        Me thinks they just want to come with a bang to disrupt the market, cause people to rush to buy the decoders haraka haraka then bam! three months later bills rise together with data caps and or speed caps (think 5K = 5GB at full speed thereafter 128kbps etc.)

  3. this is just silly.surely are there network technicians in safaricom.4G has a sped of more that 20mbps.How the heck do they sell bundled as low as 4gig?with 4g seeds you’ll chew those bundles in a matter of minutes.well users better be prepared for “Your Daily Internet Bundle balance is below 2.00 MB” on their large screen tvs. lol

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