Exif Data Shows Purported Mike Sonko Call From Barack Obama Most Probably Fake

Mike Sonko Obama

Mike Sonko ObamaOnce in a while we get treated to theatrics by individuals in the quest for being famous and being talked about. Former Nairobi Senator, Mike Sonko is known for his glamorous ways. These range from gold coloured cars to calling the president in public and putting him on loudspeaker on national TV. That’s the man. Now all this is very legitimate, the guy does have loads of money, and influence, at least locally.

But his social media handlers went a bit overboard (I really don’t think it’s him) when they posted a screenshot of a missed call purported to be from US president Barack Obama. Whether Obama in his capacity would make calls to private lines is a story for another day, but calling Mike Sonko? That’s a lie. And this is where I make it clear that I don’t think that’s Mike Sonko who did that. Probably doesn’t know that tweet is up.

I like using technology once in a while, especially when I get the feeling it’s gonna get me some good results. I went ahead and downloaded the image. And there-in lies the truth. The image Exif data says the screenshot is a 400 by 800 pixels screenshot with RGB. Do it for yourself, download that image, upload it to www.exifdata.com and see. I would not expect Mike Sonko to be using such a low resolution Samsung phone. This has to be something in the regions of Galaxy Trend or thereabouts.

Mike Sonko EXIF

Last I checked (when Mike Sonko made the call to the Kenyan president in public), Mike had a Galaxy Note smartphone, that’s 4 times the resolution in that screenshot. And no, it’s not compressed, Mike wouldn’t be worried about data bundles. This brings me to the conclusion that the screenshot was made by some idle social media manager. Or what do you think? Don’t just swallow whole what you see on social media.


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