Tizen Samsung Z1 smartphone sells 500,000 units in Bangladesh


Samsung Z1 Tizen

While Samsung is touting Tizen as its platform of choice for the connected future, it has yet to cement the platform’s hold on the global smartphone market. It’s best-selling Galaxy smartphones still run on Android. However, it has been testing the waters with the entry-level Z1 smartphone in India and neighbouring Bangladesh. In India, the device received a lukewarm reception before it gained widespread interest. In Bangladesh, the Z1 has steadily risen to eat away the low end market that has been a preserve of homegrown Symphony Mobile.

According to findings from a Counterpoint research, the Samsung Z1 managed to top the smartphone sales charts in Bangladesh after selling over 500,000 units between its launch in February and this month (May). The device sold at least 20,000 units in its first week of availability in the Bangladeshi market. Those numbers and others boosted Samsung’s overall smartphone marketshare in the country to 23.4% in the first quarter. Symphony Mobile, Bangladesh’s leading mobile carrier and the partner Google picked to spearhead its Android One programme in the country, leads the pack at 38%.

The Z1’s success in the Bangladesh market and positive reception in India could mean that the time is ripe for Samsung to spread Tizen love to other markets. Samsung has already opened up the Tizen store to developers from all corners of the world and this is the biggest indication that indeed Tizen smartphones may be available in more markets. While we are not sure when Samsung is planning on unveiling the Z1’s successor, we expect it to be made official any time.