Snapchat Introduces an Avant Garde Approach to Advertising on its Platform

snapchat advertising

snapchat advertisingVertical-Video-Views: This is the three pronged advertising strategy Snapchat is introducing via a video posted on the company’s official YouTube account, starring Evan Spiegel as the guy explaining the concept. For starters, this video is of better quality than the one Evan posted last time which aimed to teach the older demographic what Snapchat was and how it is used.

This time however, this video aims to woo advertisers on the benefits of using the platform to reach potential customers.

In this short video, Evan starts by explaining the changing landscape of advertising where and i quote ” fifty years ago would’ve been hard to believe that everyone would have a little TV in their pocket, the reality is that today young people aren’t watching videos on their televisions, they’re watching them on their smartphones” .  He further says that people watch more videos on the Snapchat community than any other platform, which I personally think its false because I’m pretty sure YouTube records a higher count. However from their subsequent blogpost, they released internal data that say 2 billion videos are viewed every day from the platform out of the nearly 100 million daily active Snapchatters.

From the 3V advertising concept, Spiegel says that “Vertical” means it is created for mobile and from their internal data, they argue that full screen vertical videos are nine times likely to be completed than horizontal mobile video. “Video”, he argued is “the best way to tell a story” and “Views” because the videos are made “full screen. He further iterates that what makes it special is that these type of ads are tailored for mobile, unlike the normal widescreen ads we see on YouTube or TV which are tailored for laptops & TV sets.

According to Spiegel, Snapchat won’t incorporate those ads that preload before the content you want to see. These 3V ads will appear inside premium contexts like Discover which has media content from exclusive partners and in Live where ads appear in the snaps submitted by Snapchatters and curated by the Snapchat views.

Snapchat has been trying to come up with a solid revenue stream and judging from this “3V” strategy, I think they’ll be able to finally monetize fully.

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