Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel Explains Snapchat In A Really Low Resolution Video

What is Snapchat

What is SnapchatYou’d expect that with such huge resources available to him Evan Spiegel, Snapchat CEO would do a proper shoot to explain features of his app. Or even hire a proper marketing team to do the video, with sound effects and all nice catchy things on the video. No, the guy went ahead and shot the video in a really low resolution camera that’s probably a front facing camera of some mid ranger smartphone in a badly lit room. That aside, Evan went ahead to give his account of what people, especially the older users need to know about the app.

The CEO, Evan Spiegel, has realised that parents were confused that their children were taking a lot of pictures in a day which they wouldn’t take. He explained that their children are using pictures to chat, unlike their parents who used pictures to reserve memories.

He likened the snap screen on Snapchat like the flashing cursor of Microsoft Word, where the flashing cursor is the “conversation starter” and this is why he explained taking a snap is the way to start a chat on the app. Spiegel used a visual aid later to explain the different screens of Snapchat. He explained one thing that makes Snapchat different from others: Other social media platforms are feed based where the content is in a reverse chronological order (You see the latest content before the older ones) but on Snapchat, the snaps on the Stories screen are arranged beginning to end, which he said gives it a “familiar feeling”

Evan Spiegel also talked about the evolution of social media, which he said started from the desktop where a person takes a lot of pictures , upload his/her favourites to the internet and friends comment on them later. Now, thanks to the smartphone boom has empowered the idea of instant expression through emojis or location sharing in the moment. Social media right now is all about identity, where you have all these pictures and everything you’ve done as an expression of who you are, he further stated.

You can watch the actual video here: