Twitter’s Alleged Aggregated News Service is Ushering a New Age of Curated Feeds


TwitterTwitter apparently will launch a curated news service called Moments which was previously name ” Project Lightning”. From an interview conducted by the Telegraph, Periscope’s CEO Kavyon Beykpour revealed that this curated news service will be called Moments that will provide a “visual pulse of what is happening around the world”.

In the future on the official Twitter’s mobile app, there will be a new button which when you press, it would show you various events people are tweeting about. The events could be of various nature like awards shows, throw-back Thursday, a sporting event and also events around your location. These collections will be visual in nature which means there will be heavy use of pictures and videos in conjunction with tweets, vines and Periscope broadcasts. All of this curated content will be organized by a team of editors in the micro-blogging company.

These collections will be a good thing for Twitter. Aggregating information generated from Twitter  and its subsequent platforms will add value to its ecosystem in a sense users will be inclined to use them to follow events effectively. Twitter has also been pushing hard to woo advertisers in its audience insights program which they may use to offer insights to these advertisers to launch ads at events that are generating high interest.

Twitter is not the only company going on the curated feed look, Instagram recently revamped its Explore tab where it has curated collections where users can find pictures that interest them and check trending hashtags. YouTube announced Newswire where they will  show a curated feed of the most hard hitting videos of the day. Snapchat has Discover where users can access curated video feeds of channels which show a variety of content.

Social media v3.0 is here: The race for adding value on platforms via curated feeds so as to maintain or gain new users. Coupled with the ads on these platforms, media consumption will be completely online, well by the current young generation. Interesting times ahead.

IMG Credit garrettheath Flickr