10 Billion Messages are Sent and Delivered on Telegram Daily



We have been so public about our love for messaging application Telegram. Of course we have very many reasons why that is the case. It looks like we are not alone as the messaging app now delivers 10 billion messages in a given day.

Telegram, which just celebrated its second anniversary last week, boasts of about 62 million monthly active users as of May. That number may be a far cry from what its main competitor Whatsapp has posted (800 million MAUs!) but it indicates growth since it was at the 50 million mark at the end of 2014. As of the last count, Whatsapp users send about 30 billion messages to one another on a given day. While that is 3 times more than their Telegram counterparts, it is also reflective of the nature of the two messaging applications thanks to their different capabilities like file types, image compression and upload limits: the few Telegram users are communicating more than the many Whatsapp users.