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Telegram Will Allow You To Delete All Sent and Received Messages From Both Ends

Private messaging apps are vital to people's lives and it is where we get to share information between each other either privately or in...
telegram gains millions of users whatsapp outage

Telegram Gains Millions of Users After Global WhatsApp Outage

It is no surprise that when a major social network like WhatsApp has issues, Telegram benefits immensely and this has been shown yet again. Pavel...
Telegram Messenger Leaking Calls

Telegram for Desktop Found To be ‘Leaking’ IP addresses During Calls

Security researcher, Dhiraj Mishra, found bug on Telegram for Windows and Telegram for Desktop which leaked user private and public IP addresses while making calls.
Telegram X vs Telegram Messenger

Differences Between Telegram X and Regular Telegram Messenger

Telegram X has slight differences when compared to the regular Telegram Messenger

This Kenyan Telegram Bot Calculates MPESA Fees For You

It even understands Sheng to some degree!
telegram supergroup

Telegram Expands Supergroup Member Limit To 10,000, Admins Can Have Bot Police

This is one major update on Telegram Messenger
telegram channel ministry of interior kenya

Kenya’s Interior Ministry Now Sends Out Security Alerts via Telegram

Kenyan government institutions are starting to embrace Telegram Messenger's features like channels
telegram messenger

Telegram’s Newest Desktop Update Gives Chat Admins Power To Delete Your Messages

Telegram Messenger is one chatting app that has become my favourite due to several features and since its inception in 2013, it has able...

Telegram Is Planning To Roll Out Bot Payments, Video Messages And Instant View Platform

Telegram is planning to drop a substantial update soon
telegram messenger

Telegram Messenger Might Add Voice Calling In the Future

  Most messaging apps have several features that you use or take for granted and when they lack in a certain messaging app, people tend...

Chief Kariuki Is Planning To Launch A Telegram Channel

Chief Kariuki, who is known for using Twitter to relay information to his residents, is planning to open a Telegram Channel

Telegram Messenger Beefs Up Its Bot Platform By Offering In-Chat Games

Telegram Messenger has upped the ante on the messaging world by launching a gaming platform which involves in-chat games

Telegram now allows you to edit your typos and much more

Telegram Messenger has quite a lot of new features over its brief 3 year existence and they are not done. This time round, they...

Telegram adds 3D touch support and ability to take Instant photos for the iOS app

Telegram is one company that keeps on pushing new updates on its apps and their momentum is very commendable. The new features that they...
Instagram vs Telegram Messenger

Instagram is blocking links posted on user profiles from Telegram Messenger

Internet users in this decade rarely have only 1 social media account. Usually, one has an account with Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram or many...

Zuku Fiber has a Telegram bot for checking out your bills

Telegram Messenger's bot platform is one of the most interesting aspects of the chat network where developers use the APIs provided by the company...
Telegram Messenger 100 million users

350,000 people sign up for Telegram Messenger daily

Telegram is very young, close to 3 years old and has experienced a really good run. Back in March, the platform had 35 million...

Telegram Messenger now has “Instantenous” bots and loads GIFs 20 times faster

GIFs have now become inherent in the world wide web for the past2 decades and have been recently been incorporated  in the new age...

Telegram Blocks 78 Channels used by ISIS to Spread Propaganda

https://twitter.com/telegram/status/667051485327458304 Telegram launched Channels in September, which are communities around popular things, where enthusiasts can easily get the information. Channels on Telegram allow each of...

Samsung Releases New Messaging Application Based On Telegram Messenger

The last time Samsung released a messaging application as its own alternative to the many messenger applications that were on the rise back then,...

10 Billion Messages are Sent and Delivered on Telegram Daily

We have been so public about our love for messaging application Telegram. Of course we have very many reasons why that is the case....

Check Out This Web-MD like Bot for Telegram Messenger

Telegram introduced bots on their platform which they defined as "Telegram accounts operated by software – not people – and they'll often have AI...

Telegram Messenger app now has 35 million users

Since Facebook splashed $19 billion in cash and stock options to get Whastapp under its wings, it has been a blessing in disguise for...