Telegram Messenger now has “Instantenous” bots and loads GIFs 20 times faster


moving fast gif

GIFs have now become inherent in the world wide web for the past2 decades and have been recently been incorporated  in the new age social networks. They are a fun way of expressing your reaction towards a post written by someone online.

In the case for Telegram Messenger, they introduced support for GIFs last year and they have followed it up by making it better. Initially, they were quite slow to load after downloading or while sending but now the company says in the new update, this has been fixed. “As of today, you can send and download GIFs upto 2ox faster.” Telegram says in the post. “This is possible because we’re now re-encoding all GIFs to mpeg4 videos that require upto 95% less disk space for the same image quality”

In addition, the GIFs will be able to play smoothly even if several of them are running at the same time. On iOS, you can add GIFs to a dedicated tab in the sticker panel by making a long tap and clicking ‘Save.’

Telegram also introduced Inline Bots, which is an improvement of the existing bots platform that includes programs that do specific automated tasks for you. There are several Telegram Messenger bots and you can see a bunch of them in this store. In order to interact with the current bots, you need to follow a syntax that starts with “/” then the intended command.

Inline Bots however are instantaneous where you just type in their names (Telegram created 7 sample bots @imdb for movies, @gif, @vid, @pic, @bing, @wiki and @bold). Telegram also provided a tutorial to developers so that they can be acquainted with the new platform so expect 3rd party inline bots soon.