Sony Has a New Smartphone with the Most Ridiculous Name Ever


Sony’s own take of the “mini” phone, the Compact editions of its various models characterized by different letters of the alphabet is somewhat of a benchmark in the smartphone industry. It is what everyone making smartphones ought to be releasing. Well, as long as the name is also compact. We are not sure how to break this to you but Sony has just unveiled a smartphone that won’t be showing up anywhere outside Japan that is a contender for the “longest smartphone name ever” award if such a thing exists.

How about Sony Xperia J1 Compact Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Edition for a name?

Sony Xperia J1 Compact

The device is just a special edition of the standard Xperia J1 released specifically for the premiere of the fifth installment in the Metal Gear Solid movie franchise, The Phantom Pain.

While we understand the reasoning behind such a name, we still can’t help but notice how much of a mouthful it is. Let’s hope the special edition Bond phone doesn’t have such when Spectre hits the movie theatres soon.

Sony has a lot of other tech-related merchandise to promote the new movie including a super expensive version of its already expensive high fidelity Walkman ZX2 music player (basically, that’s what it is anyway… a Sony iPod Touch that will appeal to the audiophiles) and special editions of its Xperia Z tablets. Don’t mind, they also have long names.


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