Equitel to Introduce Medical Insurance Product Tied to Mobile Subscribers’ Consumption Habits


EQUITELIn July, Airtel Kenya partnered with Pan Africa Insurance and MicroEnsure to bring a new product to its subscriber base. The product, Airtel Insurance targeted members of the informal sector in the country which happens to be the biggest source of employment. While every Airtel Kenya subscriber is eligible to benefit from Airtel Insurance, interested subscribers needed to to opt in using the *336# short code. Once opted in, subscribers stand to enjoy death, accidental permanent disability and medical cover depending on their usage of Airtel services. The more money you top up the more you can claim later in the event of death, hospitalization

In August, M-Shwari, a product of a partnership between Safaricom and Commercial Bank of Africa unveiled a mobile healthcare product. The service aims to deliver the health information to customers when clients need a quick healthcare reference.  The service will deliver the information daily, through the Hello Doctor application. The application will also provide healthcare advice, answers to health-related questions in chat forums as well as one-on-one conversation with a doctor. The patient can also opt to receive a call from a doctor within a given time frame. The service will also be available on feature phones through USSD.  In addition, Cannon Assurance will underwrite a Kshs. 5,000 hospital benefit for patients who get admitted to hospitals for one day. The services will be available on a subscription basis charging Kshs 300 a-month, with the first month being offered free.

Equity Bank with Equitel has joined the wagon is will provide mobile medical insurance to its users on a similar model as the one used by Airtel. The more a customer uses Equitel’s products such as airtime, the higher their chances of receiving the medical insurance products. Equitel customers who spend more than Kshs. 250/= per month in airtime, and get admitted to hospital for more than two days will receive Kshs. 5,000/= help with their bills. Equitel sees the product as a good entry point for revolutionizing the insurance sector besides increasing financial inclusion.