Android Fanboys Troop to the Play Store to Trash Apple’s New App


I’d rather be shot in the face

Apple sucks!

Boo Apple!!!

Terrible idea

Apple hit a new low

Not worth downloading guys!

God Awful



What are you thing??

No Thanks

Horrible app



No, we’ve not lost our minds. Those are not our words. Those 12 lines are comments we’ve sampled from the Google Play Store app page of Apple’s first ever Android app, Move to iOS.


The application, which is just a few hours old, has come under sharp criticism and lots of attacks from Android’s staunchest fans. This is because the application’s main purpose is to help existing Android users switch to Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS. Android fanboys did not take this kindly as it was seen as an assault of some sort on Google’s mobile platform which they prefer for various reasons. As a result, the app maintained a poor 1 star rating for the most of its first day on the Play Store and as of the time of writing this, things aren’t looking up for Move to iOS either.

We have to admit we also didn’t see this one coming.

While others were outrightly disgusted by Apple’s well-intended (we assume that was the case) move to make it seamless to switch to iOS, others picked up issues with Apple for not embracing Google’s app design guidelines, Material Design, in the application. Others even took to popular Android fan forums and Facebook groups to rally their friends to hit the Play Store and do their one star duty.

Here are a few screenshots that show the whole melee. It’s a battleground over at the Google Play.

Probably launching the Apple Music application first would have helped matters, don’t you think? Also, since most of the Android fanboys name-shaming Apple on the Play Store haven’t even used the application and weren’t the target anyway isn’t it time to call out the Play Store star rating system for being broken and open to abuse?


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