BlackBerry Venice Gets the Hands-On Treatment in New Video



BlackBerry’s first Android device, what we’ve come to know as Venice in recent months, is coming. When? We have no idea though it’s been hinted for a November launch (that’s ages away!). We just know it is just a matter of time since it’s like someone opened a tap the other day. Leaks have been flooding. We just saw the device bare it all in some crisp hands-on images and now there’s a pretty straightforward video showing off the unannounced device in all its Android glory.

The Venice, which has a slide-out keyboard in line with its heritage that can has track-pad-like features borrowed from current BlackBerry devices, will feature a microSD slot as well as BlackBerry Hub and access to a global search functionality when the on-screen home button is flicked up alongside Google Search (Now?) on the software front. This is all according to the 4-minute video below:

UPDATE: Video has since been deleted

This is not the first time we’re seeing a video of BlackBerry’s unannounced Android devices. We recently had the pleasure of seeing the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition on camera as well thanks to a Brazilian YouTuber.

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