You Can Now Get Paid Just for Taking Selfies


There’s no shortage of applications meant to achieve just about anything you fancy. The phrase “there’s an app for that” has come to signify this reality. From those that keep us wide awake at night knowing some more about the world we live in like question-answer service Quora or those that stimulate our minds like QuizUp and Threes to those that teach us some essential skills like Khan Academy or light photoshop like PicSay. And now there’s another interesting one: Pay Your Selfie: selfie cash!

Yeah. You guessed that right. The application, which has been available on the Google Play Store since the start of September, will pay users for doing just one thing: taking selfies.


This is interesting because the level of obsession with taking selfies is unimaginable. Selfies are now being taken anywhere anytime. We even have entire songs dedicated to selfie-taking. Some nations have even gone an extra step to issue guidelines to safe selfie-taking so as to stop tragic deaths resulting from recklessness as one aims for the perfect Instagram-worthy shot. For all those efforts, it’s only fair if somebody paid you, right?

How does it work? Easy. Upload an existing selfie in your camera roll/gallery app and you stand to get between 20 cents and a $1. You can request your pay cheque once you’ve amassed at least $20. That sounds fair for something as effortless as selfie-taking if you ask me.

I didn’t get to try the app out since I don’t have a perennial selfie bug and it’s not available in my region but you can give it a spin if you have access and let us know how it goes.