Research Has Revealed 3 Kinds Of Selfie Takers

Which one are you?


Most social networks allow you to upload photos to your timeline for your friends and followers to see and a popular category is selfies. You might take them rarely or regularly but did you know there are three kinds of selfie takers?

Well that is what a certain study by researchers from Brigham Young University aimed to find out and the results were quite interesting. The researched performed the study on 46 participants and this is what they were able to find out.

The researchers identified three categories of selfie takers: autobiographers, self publicists and communicators.

Communicators are the ones who like taking selfies to engage with their followers and friends. They do not use selfies for self analysis and they are comfortable with who they are.

Self publicists are people who love documenting their entire lives where they hope to present themselves and stories in a positive light and like communicators, they agree to share selfies to show and share events to other people. The distinction like before is how they decide to focus on themselves. Apparently they are the smallest of the three groups.

Autobiographers use selfies as a tool to record events in their lives and to record these significant memories. Although they want people to see their photos, they are not necessarily seeking their feedback.

Well there you have it. Researchers have been able to come up with a study about the different types of selfie takers out there. The question is, which selfie taker are you?


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