Police Issue Guide for Selfie-Taking as Part of Safety Measures


selfie obsession

Selfies have been described as everything from a necessity to an obsession to a disorder (yes, the American Psychiatric Association is reported to have deemed the obsession take self portraits everywhere you go a disorder). Heck, you can even enroll at a college in order to up your selfie game. It seems that we can’t get enough selfies however much we try. Just like we are known to never be satisfied with money. Like money does, selfies are today known to kill as well.

There have been reported instances of deaths in the quest to take the perfect selfie. From dangerous railway bridges to seaside cliffs. From Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia to Poland, Romania and even South Africa. Reasons vary. From a desire to mark a first date to an 18th birthday celebration to adventure to capturing a ticket to the #SelfieOlympics. However, nowhere has the selfie craze taken its toll than in Russia where the authorities confirm that 10 Russians have been killed and 100 injured while taking selfies this year alone.

The utmost duty of any government is to take good care of its citizens and Russia is seeking to do just that through a raft of new guidelines issued by its police that are expected to indicate to the selfie-obsessed when and where not to take photos of themselves.

We want to remind citizens that the pursuit of ‘likes’ in social media can put them on the road to death.

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Source: AP

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